Milky Way and Star Workshops on location in West Cornwall

All Milky Way and star workshops are subject to weather conditions and clear night skies.  These workshops can be stand-alone or combined with two or more day bookings.  As it is difficult to forecast in advance when to plan these events, definite dates will be decided on the first day of your workshop.

The area of Cornwall west of Hayle where we are based forms part of an area depicted in a newly released West Cornwall Dark Sky Proposal map.  This proposal aims to raise public awareness of light pollution across Cornwall and urges people to help conserve our starry dark night sky.  The far west where we operate has some of the clearest dark skies in the UK so is an ideal location for nighttime photography.

Below is a list of the best dates for star photography for 2020 based on the moon phases:

Month Date Time
April 20th – 26th 01:30am – 04:00am
May 20th – 26th 00:10am – 02:10am
June 18th – 24th 23:00pm – 03:30am
July 18th – 23rd 22:30pm – 03:00am
August 16th – 21st 22:30pm – -03:00am
September 15th – 19th 21:00pm – 00:30am
October 26th – 30th 19:30pm – 22:00pm

These dates are when there will be little or no moon visible which enables the brightest Milky Way images.  This can be complicated in June and July by the sun which never goes below 18 degrees under the horizon which means the sky is never completely dark.  For the first three months listed, the best times for star photography are at rather more unsociable hours!  Once we get into July, the time periods are more reasonable at 10.30pm onwards.  Other dates during these months may be suitable but this is dependent upon the position of the moon and the times it rises and sets.  These can be discussed further at the time of booking. For prices click Workshop Details and Prices.

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