Other Important Information

Location Accessibility

Cliffs, beaches and old tin mines can be dangerous.

Safety will always be our number one consideration.

These workshops are not suitable for disabled clients or people in wheelchairs due to the nature of the locations. We will always stick to safe footpaths but some may be quite steep and narrow with uneven steps.  If you choose to go off these paths you do so at your own risk.  Many of the locations will involve walking on cliff paths with  round trips of about a mile.  A few locations could involve round trips of two miles from a car park.  As  all the workshop are tailored to your exact requirements  access to all locations will be discussed in detail before we set off to the locations.

Anyone who is reasonably fit should be able to  reach all the best locations. If there is an easy route we will always take that route.

All clients will be asked  to sign an Accident Waiver which releases Photograph West Cornwall of any liability for personal injury.  It is also recommended that clients arrange their own personal and equipment insurance before attending workshops.

Food and drinks

Food is not included in the workshops so either bring a packed lunch with you or we can stop for lunch close to  the location at a cafe or local public house  for a Cornish pasty, sandwich and drink. If your workshop includes an evening sunset or early morning sunrise shoot we will also stop for a quick evening meal or breakfast.


Accommodation isn’t included but there are many types of accommodation within a short distance of our base. There are local quest houses offering bed and breakfast,  small local hotels and a Travel Lodge and Premier Inn within a mile. Workshops don’t have to start in Hayle;  we can arrange to meet at any location of your choice or near the first location.

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