Last night was the largest full moon of 2018. Hours of planning for the ideal location was wasted as the clouds had other ideas. The moon should have risen right from below St Michael’s Mount  surrounding the Chapel and house with a giant moon.  Low cloud in the wrong place spoilt that plan. By the time the moon broke through the cloud it was almost out of shot with the Mount in.

We can’t always promise the perfect workshop weather, but on a course or tour of West Cornwall you will always find something to photograph. Photography doesn’t always go to plan thanks to mother nature, so having other options is always helpful. Book a workshop and if one location isn’t great there are dozens of amazing locations to visit on a Photograph West Cornwall course. Workshops can be booked now for late January, February or March.  Whatever the weather you can learn about composition, depth of field, and many camera techniques which will improve your photographs.  You can get help using your DSLR or advice using Adobe Lightroom in a classroom or out on location in beautiful Cornwall.