Something different to the images I usually post on this section. These images were taken with my DJI Phantom 4Pro drone at about 300ft above sea level. The light was beautiful this evening just before the sunset.  Some of the images taken directly towards the sun suffer from lens flare, but this is to be expected as lens on the drone is good for a drone but compared to a Nikon lens it leaves a lot to be desired.  The Phantom drone has a 1in  20MP sensor with 8.8mm lens the equivalent of 24mm in full frame DSLR terms. The first image was 1/50th at F9 @ ISO 100. The image looking at the sun was 1/50th @F11.  The last image is a stitched  180 panorama made up of 18 separate images and stitched in Adobe Lightroom. This is the third image I have  stitched using this software and they all have a slight  error on the sea horizon right in the centre of the image. I haven’t investigated the problem, but will do over the next few weeks. It’s only a very small fault but it is in all my panorama images so far.