Today  I went to Perranporth to see storm Eleanor damage. England’s only pub on a beach “The Watering Hole” just survived the storm with only feet to spare. But two bridges over the river weren’t so lucky. Not that one of the bridges does anything as the river has moved down the beach, and now the bridge only crosses a puddle. Unless you have wellies on, it’s now impossible to get to the Watering Hole. I had to climb up walls using ladders and then cross the remains of another bridge across the river. After I risked life and limb crossing the bridge, signs were put up saying bridge closed. Perranporth is now bracing itself for the next large storm due tonight! (4th January 2018)

Today once again was a perfect day for a Cornwall photography workshop, great light, interesting clouds and sky. So why not book a workshop for one or two days in January or February. Courses can be tailored for your exact requirements. What better time or place to learn landscape photography and in stunning Cornish locations. If the weather changes during the day you can learn how to process your images in Adobe Lightroom to bring out the best in your images.