My new Nikon D850 which has been on order for months arrived just before Christmas. This is the best Nikon DSLR they have made to date.  It has been receiving brilliant reviews since it was announced in August. Unfortunately I was a bit late ordering mine and ended up having to wait as it was in such demand. But the wait was worth it, the image quality is stunning.

The 45MP FX sensor produces sharp flawless images in high or low light.  In low light it produces clean images with very low noise. I can’t believe the quality of hand held shots at night under street lighting using an ISO of 25,600.   In the past I stopped shooting at night when the ISO had to be 6,400 or more, but now I have been using ISO 25,600 with no issues.  The tilting LCD monitor is clear and bright even in direct sunlight (not that we have had much of that lately).  With its mechanical or electronic shutter it’s like having a mirror-less (totally silent camera) and standard DSLR. The video is also stunning producing very high quality clean 4K video @30 fps. The internal microphone also produced quite good sound, but when ever possible I would always use an external microphone especially in windy conditions.

I will post more about the D850 once I have had more experience using it, but at the moment I think it’s the best camera I have been lucky enough  to own and use.

The images on this post were all taken at ISO25,600 and hand held 1/13 to 1/50 at F9 using the Nikon 28-300VR lens at St Ives New Years Eve festivities.